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Service Options

Our goal at Wint Funeral Home is to provide exceptional service before, during and after your needs.

We provide many pre-planning services for the community. Our prearrangement counselor can assist you with pre-need or near-need arrangements. Throughout the year our preplanning expert prepares several informative seminars to answer any questions you have.  We offer in-home preplanning assistance as well as meetings at the funeral home.  Call us at (248) 625-5231.

Our funeral directors are on call 24 hours, 365 days a year to serve you at your time of need.  The director will facilitate transfer of your loved one to the funeral home and will set a time to meet with the family to discuss every detail of your needs.

During arrangements, additional information will be gathered and the details of the service and disposition of your loved one will be discussed. We serve all faiths and offer a number of options for visitation, services and disposition, including traditional burial and cremation packages. Our directors make every effort to accommodate special requests.  A helpful children's program is available for children ages 5-11

Healing does not mean forgetting, and moving on with life does not mean that we won't take a part of our lost loved ones with us. At Wint Funeral Home, our After Care services are designed to help you work through your grief. They include:

  •     Licensed bereavement counselor on staff
  •     Grief Support Group - monthly
  •     Healing Times - monthly
  •     Follow up call
  •     Lending Library
  •     Complimentary meeting with our bereavement counselor
  •     Holiday Candle Lighting Service

We maintain our records in meticulous detail. We are always here to answer any questions you may have.

We understand that every family has their very own traditions, customs, and beliefs. We are sensitive to every family's needs, and it is our goal at all times to offer the very best in personal and professional care.

We also understand that funerals are for the living - funerals provide an opportunity for family and friends to gather together to remember a loved one. There is no set way to hold a funeral, and our experienced staff can help you arrange a service that best celebrates your loved one.

Traditional Services
We can provide all aspects of traditional funeral services, such as viewing and visitation, funeral/church/chapel services, and burial or entombment.

Celebration of Life Services
Creative famlies often prefer a time of memory, photos and visiting that focus on positive thoughts while honoring their loved one's life.

Graveside Services
Graveside services can have a visitation period, if the family wishes. We offer a variety of options to help families create services that reflect their needs.

Cremation Services
Cremation is simply a different form of disposition (like earth burial).  Many choose a viewing and visitation time followed by cremation.  We offer several service options that include cremation.  To learn more click here.

Because funerals provide an opportunity for family and community to gather in support and in memory of a loved one, we offer many options to help you personalize each service - making it unique as the individual. Here are a few of the many ways to help plan that personalized funeral to commemorate the life of a loved one.

  •     Life Tribute DVD
  •     Memory candle personalized
  •     Thumbie jewelry keepsakes
  •     Memory Tables
  •     Memory Portrait
  •     Picture Boards
  •     Special Music Arrangements
  •     Floral Arrangements
  •     Personalization of caskets and urns
  •     Monuments and Markers
  •     Online Obituaries complete with Guest Books
  •     Pet keepsakes
  •     Artwork

Green Burial
We now offer special packages that we are environmentally friendly.